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The titles and tags you add should be in the language you choose when setting up your shop. You don’t need to add tags that are exact matches for attributes you’ve already added. This guide will help you separate the wheat from the chaff. Nowadays many SEO specialists are focusing more on long-tail keywords rather than short-tail phrases. There are lots of opportunities to rank highly in Google if you stop trying to compete and start trying to complement. Keep scrolling down until you start to see positions 10-15.

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Free Keywords Search Tool Google One Group

Examples: Art deco lamp, minimalist ring, rustic wall decor, typographic print Size For some products, scale can be key. If eHow is targeting a keyword phrase, you can bet it has search volume and that advertisers are interested in buying placement on those pages.

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Adding long lists of keywords to your titles may confuse buyers or turn them off your listings. Usually, Amazon will place more relevant and popular keywords above the less popular keywords. KWFinder is a great keyword research tool for finding out the most profitable keywords having low SEO difficulty. Not only are we ranking for our initial opening title, we can start to rank for other parts of this long tail keyword as well.

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Someone searching for keto diet is probably trying to learn what is it. And others can help you brainstorm new keyword ideas in your niche. Reason #2: Long tail keywords have high conversion rates Long tail searches aren’t just longer. Are you ready to conduct some keyword research to find those long-tail keywords? By putting one or more keywords in the search bar and on hitting enter, you can see a bunch of other keywords related to the main keyword. If you carefully study the above introduction, you’ll notice that I integrated up to 4 keywords (underlined); two long-tails and two head keywords. First step: Select your keywords, using Google AdWords Keywords Planner. Optimize anchor texts for internal and external links Internal links are great spots for your long-tail keywords. They allow you to gradually get more traffic to your site and be found by new and motivated audiences.

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